SPG Architects transformed an abandoned steel frame and concrete slab structure into a five-level, 18000 SF, indoor-outdoor residence on a rain-forested mountainside overlooking the Golfo Dulce. The house is environmentally sensitive, technologically advanced, and modernist by design. A flexible building perimeter provides a seamless flow from inside to out that completely blends the built environment with the natural setting and the spectacular views. The house is energy self-sufficient – appliances and lighting were chosen for low power consumption that is sourced by photovoltaic cells on the roof. Solar hot water panels provide domestic hot water. Maximizing cross ventilation and ample overhangs have eliminated the need for air conditioning in this year-round tropical climate. As a result, this house is an indigenous yet distinctly modern piece of architecture. Environmental Brochure featuring SPG’s Casa Torcida.

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  • Equipe de projeto
  • Coty Sidnam and Eric Gartner
  • Arquiteto no Registro
  • Sergio Camacho de Pass
  • Sistema de Energia Renovável
  • Solar Design - Jason Borner, Poderco S.A.
  • Design de Interiores
  • Andres Cova
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vista aerea

entrada pelo nível da rua

detalhe da entrada

espaço de circulação

terraço da piscina

terraço da piscina e quartos


quarto com porta de persianas fechadas e abertas



terraço da cozinha


piscina a noite

vista noturna