Upon signing the lease for this ground floor commercial space, Anthony Gianzero approached SPG Architects to design his new salon. Located a block west of heavily commercialized Eighth Avenue, in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, but with little retail activity, Gianzero wanted to give the 500 SF store front a strong visual presence in order to serve as a destination for his clientele. From the formerly derelict and abandoned space, SPG Architects designed an environment that focuses the activity of the salon around a bar-like reception area where clients can relax. The design involves bars of light, mirrors, glass, and stainless steel grounded by richly stained blue-black cabinetry and flooring. The sense of lightness and reflectivity created by the light and reflective materials remarks on the ephemeral nature of beauty. The solid feel of the flooring and cabinetry provide a distinct sense of place for the stylists and their clientele.

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