This project was built for the Interactive Marketing department of American Online in New York City. The existing sky-lit atrium was re-configured to support promotional and social functions as well as to provide a place for informal staff interaction. Flexible office space, flanking the atrium on two levels, accommodates changing staff requirements. A 100-foot long greenhouse connected the elevator lobby with the atrium. Gently curved two-story perforated metal walls screen office operations from visitors, yet allow staff to communicate across the space. These walls, with their ethereally reflective surface, change dramatically in the varying daylight conditions. At night, the artificial light plays on the exposed wood structure behind the metal screen revealing a complex pattern of overlapping shadows on the now semi-transparent surface. A new bridge spans the atrium connecting the mezzanine wings. An existing spiral stair, clad in galvanized metal, anchors the screen walls and serves as the focal point from the entry opposite.

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  • WCPetrone, Coty Sidnam, Eric Gartner
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atrium toward entry

atrium toward bridge

atrium at night

stair to tower

back stair

main stair detail

master planning