This 5220 SF five-story landmarked townhouse was originally constructed in 1836. The house’s traditional facade and intact 19th century interior detailing have a visual counterpoint in the new modern architectural and technological interventions of this renovation.
Interior partitions were removed from the living room and the kitchen, enlarging both rooms and allowing modern social and functional uses to be integrated into the home. Two bedrooms were combined into a full master suite, creating a coherent unified space. The rear garden was designed as an extension of the interior’s aesthetic with new porcelain floor tiles running from the enlarged kitchen to the outdoor rear terrace, creating a strong connection between the house’s interior and exterior.
The house is unified by a cohesive and colorful palette of finishes that when combined with an eclectic collection of furniture and art adds further layers to the renovations’ overlay of traditional and modern sensibilities..

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  • Photographers
  • Peter Murdoch
  • Francine Fleischer (garden in the evening)
  • Interior Designer
  • SPG Architects (Mathieu de Genot)
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stair hall

stair hall & living room

living room

living room detail

living room

living room

master bedroom


dining / kitchen

dining detail

powder room