This duplex penthouse, located in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood, exploits the play of light and surface to define its interior spaces.  The living areas’ dark natural wood flooring contrasts with the ceiling and wall surfaces which reflect the daylight coming in through the windows and skylights.  The highly glossy ceiling plane that defines the Living Room reflects both interior surfaces and the exterior views, making the city and the interior one. Translucent stair railings and an interior light slot enhance the impact of a second floor skylight.  As is typical in SPG’s work, both manmade and natural materials are used to create distinct interior spaces.  By night, extensive use of LED lighting defines floating architectural planes, circulation and work surfaces with its subtle glow and supplements the city’s lit skyline that is ever-present in the apartment’s spectacular views.

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dining room

kitchen view

kitchen detail

entry stair view

stair detail

top of stair

shower- Nuvacor

shower - marble