The design of a new headquarters for the non-profit FUNDECOR embeds the 6,500 square foot program into the roughly 28 acre landscape, using this position to take advantage of ecological and site sensitive practices core to the mission of the institution. The project calls for a variety of spaces, including offices, a cafeteria, an auditorium, a small hotel for visiting researchers, and a shelter for wild bats. Upon entering the site, visitors only see the entry structure emerging from the rolling landscape. Each of the building components opens primarily to the north, avoiding the harsh southern sunlight through it’s orientation and with brise soleil. A south-north axis moves visitors from the bus drop-off and parking lot to the building, while an east-west axis moves employees and visitors through the building itself. The building features numerous sustainable features: collecting rainwater for re-use, harnessing power through solar panels, and the extensive green roofs which reduce energy consumption and water run-off.

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north-facing facade


hotel wing

hotel wing

office wing

front and rear elevations

west facing section

west elevation, section

east elevation, section

site plan

upper and lower plans