Mamaroneck House

Mamaroneck, NY

This house incorporates 5500 SF of primary living area that includes a large kitchen, dining and living rooms, a study, a family room, a large master suite and four additional bedrooms.  The 3000 SF conditioned basement incorporates a children’s play area, a media center, and a small gym.  The house’s interior centers around a double-height cube and a three-story stair.  These two vertical spaces are defined by a glazed perimeter that unifies indoor and outdoor living and by a large stairwell skylight that brings in light into the core of the house.  The exterior and interiors are rendered in a minimal architectural vocabulary of stucco, grey tiles, plaster and fabrics, and stainless steel, that contrast with the darker exterior Ipe screens that filter light onto the warm walnut floors and millwork.  Light is purposefully manipulated through large planar openings in both the exterior and interior wall planes, while cutouts in the roof provide temporal variations on the facade and into the core of the house.   As such, the minimalist interior material palette that defines both the architecture and the house’s furnishings are rendered in variations of light and renders that minimalism more richly, giving the interiors a sense of time and movement in sync with the environmental changes over the course of the day and the year.

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  • NGI Development Corporation
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exterior facade


living room

living room

dining room



breakfast area

powder room


master bath

master shower

boy's bedroom

girl's bedroom

boy's bath

pool area

outdoor kitchen and dining room

outdoor kitchen and dining room

rear facade