This two-story 4000 SF maisonette loft, located in Soho at ‘The Loft’ building, was renovated for the owner as his New York City home. The design provides a soothing mediation between the existing white marble kitchen and the rough-hewn brick walls and beams of the original manufacturing structure. The palette of Fir flooring and cabinetry, translucent acrylic partitions, and painted cast-iron columns is enriched further by polished river rock aggregate in the concrete fireplace surround and by the ribbed glass, bronze and leather guardrail that surrounds the two-story space. A new stair activates the space, leading to the media room, guestrooms, and garden. Long diagonal views through the loft serve to unify the space, both vertically and horizontally, maintaining a sense of spaciousness while the architectural interventions define individual spaces for living, dining and sleeping within the larger whole.

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living toward entry

living room

dining area

living toward stair

top of stair

guard rail detail

translucent wall

view to media room

lower hall

master bedroom

master bath

garden deck