SPG is designing renovations and additions to an existing 3-bedroom 4-bath house, creating a 5-bedroom 6-bathroom house that programmatically is more in sync with the neighboring Hamptons community. The original 2080 SF 1970’s design has a handsome modernist street façade, but the houses’ angled floor plate creates idiosyncratic interior spaces and rear elevations.

While the two-bedroom wing remains largely untouched, the rest of the interior has been reconfigured to maximize the use of space. The new living, dining and open kitchen areas become the core of the house, and large areas of glass connect the interior of the house to the pool on one side and a tennis court on the other. A new sunken living room provides an updated version of a common 70’s design feature and creates an intimate second living area for the family. While the ground floor renovations are largely designed within the original footprint of the house, the expanded second floor, with it’s three other bedrooms provides the additional square footage needed for the family and it’s guests. The renovation of this house exploits the house’s existing geometries but gives it new life, creating spaces that are cohesive and open, enlivened by the clients’ needs and desires for an updated home.

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New ground floor plan

Existing ground floor plan

New second floor plan

Existing second floor plan

Front elevation

Rear elevation

Front perspective

Rear perspective