This weekend house provides a dramatic haven from the city with a very small footprint of 1000 square feet. The home’s minimal material and resource demands make it a model for efficient living. Sited on a steep slope, the entrance to the house is marked by a two-story masonry mass rising from the home’s green roof. The green roof, which covers the entire form except for the pool and deck, creates the illusion from the street that there is no house at all and provides substantial sustainable benefits. The stair is situated between the garage and the living spaces. The interior rooms look toward the expansive rolling hills of western Connecticut, protected from the sun by movable louvers. A three-bedroom version has been adapted for a site in Asheville, NC.

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greenroof entry approach

emerging from landscape

roof plan

floor plan

front elevation

front facade from below

front facade from infinity pool

entry detail from pool

entry detail from above

green roof, skylight, & chimney

front facade at day

side slope detail

full house at daytime