This 6,000 square foot vacation home is located in the high desert of central Idaho. A 5-Bedroom house with a loft-like living space, it provides a sophisticated and relaxing year-round retreat for its New York City owners. Aluminum fenestration throughout the fir-sided, steel-framed and poured-in-place concrete structure carefully frames the picturesque and dramatic landscape of Sun Valley. The interior furnishings and architectural form of the structure are expressed in a unified luminous palette of materials that provide a harmonious environment for living. The man-made form maintains a strong presence in the rugged landscape, while the warmth of the interior materials link the house back to the natural environment.

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  • Partner in Charge
  • Coty Sidnam
  • Project Team
  • Coty Sidnam
  • WC Petrone
  • Sandra Aranguren Langston
  • Photographer
  • Tim Brown
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house from afar

side facade

sun screen detail

entry facade at night

stairwell bridge from below


three-sided fireplace

stair well and dining



master bathroom