Master Planning

SPG Architects provides master planning services at a variety of scales.  Urban Design proposals include a competition for the Quito Parque del Lago Project, which re-thinks land-use for an abandoned small urban airport and studies for enhancing the urban fabric and amenities for the South Corvallis (Oregon) Riverfront, commissioned by land-owners and presented to the City Council for consideration.    SPG also provides services for facility management and corporate entities.   Master Planning services allow the client to consider both current and future space needs in order to make real-estate decisions or to maximize re-use of existing holdings, and include dialog with the planning team and end-users in order to fully understand space requirements in advance of making real estate decisions   Whether considering large or small scale planning, space requirements and adjacency planning is enhanced by SPG’s keen understanding of the built environment.

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quito parque del lago competition - quito, ecuador

south corvallis riverfront master planning competition - corvallis, oregon

community health project planning competition - new york, new york

coty beauty corporate office planning - new york, new york

america online corporate office planning - new york, new york

bronx zoo master planning competition - bronx, new york

kageno, a place of hope master planning - banda, rwanda