Located in a 1959 SOM-designed tower in a park on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, the re-design of a previously combined 3-bedroom 2,145 SF apartment transforms the living spaces by opening up the kitchen, living and dining rooms into one large living area. Similarly, the master bedroom suite is opened up to create one large cohesive space. In both areas, built-in cabinetry and lighting is employed to define the discreet functional areas within the larger spaces in a less-rigid but equally distinct way. Indirect lighting is used for ambient light, helping to float the relatively low ceilings and to visually lighten the cabinetry interventions that are employed throughout to accommodate a multitude of functional and storage needs. A palette of greys and whites are enhanced by the textures of the porcelain and wood flooring and cabinetry, which will act as a minimalist backdrop to the Owner’s collection of antique traditional rugs. SPG is also involved in the specification of the interiors furnishing package.

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living area


dining area


kitchen detail

view from kitchen

entry vestibule

hall towards master suite

master bedroom

master bedroom

study area

master bathroom entry