This 5800 SF Hamptons home, designed for an an inland site in Water Mill, NY features an open living area that incorporates an ample kitchen as well as dining and living rooms. This space adjoins expansive outdoor terraces and enjoys views of the abutting agricultural preserve beyond. The house’s square footage is supplemented by a finished basement and a 3-car garage. A series of L-shaped forms create dynamic relationships between the wood clad base that incorporates the primary public areas of the house, the panel-clad garage and bedroom level, and the transparent glass entrance tower. Each of these distinct building forms nestle into each other to create a cohesive whole. Likewise, the L-shaped pool sits close to the house, and provides a focal point for the outdoor living areas. A connected pool house area functions as a more casual entertainment area and doubles as a second guest bedroom. The house is carefully sited to maximize privacy from its neighbors while providing a distinctive presence to the property.

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east view

southwest view

west view

south view

north view

basement plan

first floor plan

second floor plan

site plan